Kohout Engineering

Energy Industry and Renewable Energy Resources

Geothermal energy

Cooperation on the international project of geothermal power plant with 5MW electrical output.

Use of low potential heat - Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

An extensive study: „Geotermální zdroje – dolní technické hranice využitelnosti pro výrobu elektrické energie“ (2010)

The aim of this study was gathering available information on the current technological possibilities of production of electricity from geothermal sources and defining the lower limit parameters of resources as a basis for further hydro-geological work, assessing and prospecting of new potential sites of geothermal resources.

Possibilities of increasing the ORC systems effectiveness analysis.

Assessment of technical and economic possibilities of optimizing the use of energy gained by biomass burning during combined production of heat and electricity. Different system variants with one or more turbines with use of several cascaded heat exchangers with respect to the evaporation temperature and pressure of the used media were compared during the optimization. (2010)

Waste utilization in energy industry

A study: „Odpady v souvislostech" (2009)

The study focuses on the utilization of municipal waste to produce energy using standard technologies in waste incineration plants and innovative pyrolysis technologies. It analyzes and compares various models of waste collection, storage and treatment.